Server, at its most basic definition, is underlying a computing platform on which application programs can run. Today’s IT requirement demands higher performance in terms of higher computing power and better reliability with optimum cost.

IT organizations around the world are driving higher value into their businesses by virtualizing their data centres to reduce costs and adding automation to improve service levels, efficiency and agility. Servers provide the foundation for this innovation.

Next-generation servers raise the bar on IT efficiency and help you embrace innovation in your IT environment. The latest generation servers can run up to 50% more virtual machines than previous generations. Now, you can easily combine servers from multiple generations into the same virtualized server pool to extend failover, load balancing, and disaster recovery capability.

Microlink, as system servers’ providers, understands growing business needs of our customers and designs a strategic, cost-effective server solution that supports changing demands. In fact, it also provides well-planned server strategies that can help businesses achieve optimum performance, availability, efficiency and business value from server infrastructure investments.

Solution Offerings

Microlink provides top of the line server offerings to address the most mission-critical needs of our customers.
Microlink server solutions address the challenges of an evolving IT environment by delivering leading enterprise-class features and functionality from leading OEMs. We deliver a unique array of options configured to meet the needs of your IT environment in the present and the future.
Microlink’s solution architecture helps you to determine the best course of action for optimized application & system development to align with your needs. Whether you are considering continued growth of business applications, recovery time objectives, high availability and disaster recovery or business continuance, we have solutions for all.

Microlink can help with the planning of your system requirements for your business needs and provide with solutions that are proven over time. We follow open standard benchmarks to evaluate your computing power requirements, which delivers the exact requirement for hardware. We can help you to address risk utilization and availability issues by identifying gaps and developing a transformational road map