Surveillance & Video Analytics System

Surveillance & Video Analytics System

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In present time, surveillance is all pervasive, cutting across various industries and Commercial business. The associated technology is converting from standalone and analog video to networked (IP) and digital video. With help of Surveillance system in commercial premises or residential property, we are able to identify each clients’ necessities. Some requirements include here like Overseeing your employees and cash registers, All time your premises will keep protected, movement Screening in a particularly high-risk area, Preventing Shoplifting, Monitoring vandalism, Keeping an eye on unwanted visitors scrolling around your home

Solution Offering

The intelligent video surveillance solution from Microlink offers comprehensive IP video surveillance and Video Analytics software, which are capable of addressing small, medium and large installations. Video analytics provides the data that tracks the movement of people and vehicles to help end users better understand their operations and potential revenue opportunities.

Microlink is also provides solution for real-time counting data of people and vehicles entering or exiting a camera scene. Two innovative analytics algorithms include the ability to track people entering a target zone and how long they dwell in the area. This data can provide businesses with powerful insight into the design, use, and efficiency of operations.

Microlink provides 24/7 support for maintain substantiality of system.