Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Hyper Converge Infrastructure

Hyper converged Infrastructure Combines storage, compute, and networking into a single system. This unified solution uses software and x86 servers to replace traditional purpose-built hardware. With HCI, you can decrease data centre complexity and increase scalability.

Separate servers, storage and network can be replaced with a single hyper converged infrastructure solution to create an agile datacentre that easily scales with your business. Staying at the forefront of technology to meet your organization’s evolving IT needs is an impressive achievement, but it can also lead to the rapid and uncontrolled growth of your infrastructure.

Solutions Offerings

Microlink’s Innovation Centre is equipped with state-of-art-technology products, aided by our in-house proof of concept lab and proven expertise. We demonstrate our recommendations by implementing best-of-the-breed solutions which enable our customers to experience the best-fit solution to address their current and future requirements and de-risk adoption of technology.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure eliminates manual management processes and the need for in-depth operational expertise. Now, a single, converged IT team can monitor and manage compute and storage resources, saves precious staff time.

With this solution, you can reduce your CAPEX by using a scale-up or scale-out architecture that requires only industry-standard x86 servers, not expensive, purpose-built networking. Then simply add capacity as needed with no downtime.

Microlink helps you take meaningful steps towards a more manageable, efficient and agile IT environment, through strategic plans that are tailored to your specific needs in the Hyper Converged Infrastructure space.