Communication, Audio Visual Solutions meet Information Technology

“We infuse Digital Transformation Collaboration by converting opportunities into business advantages, where we make communication, audio visual and information technologies meet.”

Enhancing learning outcomes to increase retention of learning is a challenge that most organizations face today. Organizations now use AV (Audio-Visual) products that help enhance classroom teaching, distance learning, and visual presentations to achieve the expected outcome. AV products are now more energy efficient than ever that help in optimizing cost, by using less power. In addition to the above, they have advanced features and capabilities compared to similar products available a few years ago. Products like projectors used to wired in the past, but now they can be wireless, networked, and internet capable as well. Taking technology to an entirely different level are digital signages that are now interactive, equipment used for audio is smaller in size, yet more powerful, and moreover now lectures are now conducted using virtual platforms to help people learn at their own location, convenience and also record the same for future reference.

We, at Microlink, help organizations diagnose the impact their current systems give and help them with state-of-the-art technology, digital signages, projections and sound using effective visual media that enhance the end user experience to achieve IT accelerated growth. Overhead costs are low that help our clients optimize efficient usage of systems that are simple to use by operating and managing these products on their behalf. We provide clients with both wired and wireless controls that are not only convenient and easy to operate but also are absolutely hi-tech. Our audio-video systems are fully automatic and are available with remote controls, projectors, projection screens, speakers, amplifiers and all necessary incidentals,

Areas of Application:

  • Conference room set up
  • Class room auditorium
  • Audio & video conference
  • Multimedia learning lab