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Server at its most basic definition is underlying computing platform on which application program can run. Today’s IT requirement demands higher performance in term of higher computing power, better reliability with optimum cost.

IT organizations around the world are driving higher value into their businesses by virtualizing their data centers to reduce costs and adding automation to improve service levels, efficiency and agility. Servers provide the foundation for this innovation.

Next-generation servers raise the bar on IT efficiency and help you embrace innovation in your IT environment. The latest generation servers can run up to 50% more virtual machines than previous generations. Now, you can easily combine servers from multiple generations into the same virtualized server pool to extend failover, load balancing, and disaster recovery capability.

Microlink understands growing business needs of our customers and designs a strategic, cost-effective server solution that supports changing demands. In fact, it also provides well-planned server strategy that can help businesses to achieve optimum performance, availability, efficiency and business value from server infrastructure investments.



Tower Servers:

All in one business solution which are ideal for SOHO (Small Office Home Office) or ROBO (Remote Office Branch Office) environment which required less manageability and not having infrastructure like Rack, Cooling and Server Room facilities.

The most valuable advantage of tower server and likely for enterprise customer is Scalability of tower server is higher. It is widely used when higher PCI slots and/or Higher HDD with in a server is required.

Rack Servers:

Rack servers as name says are meant to be kept in rack. Rack servers are designed to meet the business criticality with its reliable and flexibility towards changing IT Technology and providing High performance and low cost solution.

A single rack can contain multiple servers stacked one above the other, consolidating network resources and minimizing the required floor space. The rack server configuration also simplifies cabling among network components. In an equipment rack filled with servers, a special cooling system is necessary to prevent excessive heat buildup that would otherwise occur when many power-dissipating components are confined in a small space.

Blade Servers:

They are designed to reduce infrastructure costs, through less installation time and less manual maintenance. With the best RAS and future proof IT, Blade servers adapt and respond to risk and opportunity, leading to smooth business operations.

Blade servers allow more processing power in less rack space, simplifying cabling and reducing power consumption. According to a Survey on server technology, enterprises moving to blade servers can experience as much as an 85% reduction in cabling for blade installations over conventional 1U or tower servers. With so much less cabling, IT administrators can spend less time managing the infrastructure and more time ensuring high availability.

blade server
High Performance Computing Servers:

Support your enormous computing requirements for accelerated and efficient data processing with high-performance computing (HPC) solutions.

HPC servers provide an accessible, on-demand solution for users looking to meet the most compute-intensive requirements. Use cases include computation-intensive projects such as data mining, numerical and seismic analysis as well as advertising agencies and interactive media and game developers with needs including video processing and 3D rendering.

High Availability Server Clustering:

Application systems have become such an essential part of many businesses that severe problems or issues can occur when their systems or Applications are not available. These applications are used for critical business functions such as order processing and tracking, inventory control, transaction processing, customer support, and electronic commerce. Any situation unavailability of critical functions are not accessible it can result in loss of revenue, productivity, reduced customer satisfaction, even data loss.

As a result, in today’s global environment, these application systems must be up and running without interruption for 24 hours per day X 7 days a week X 365 days per year.

In this context High Availability Server Clustering can be done between multiple server to overcome this and benefits in business continuity in case of network unavailability, System up gradation or any such issues.


Microlink server solutions address the challenges of an evolving IT environment by delivering leading enterprise-class features and functionality from leader OEMs. We deliver a unique array of options configured to meet the needs of your IT environment today and in the future.

Microlink’ solution architecture will get aligned with your team to design the solution; we will determine the best course of action for optimized application and system deployment. Whether you are considering continued growth of business applications, recovery time objectives, high availability and disaster recovery or business continuance.

Microlink can help with the system planning requirements for your business needs and provide you the proven solution.

  • Microlink follows the open standard benchmarks to evaluate your computing power requirement, which delivers the exact requirement for hardware.
  • Microlink strategies and design your server platform that fulfill your current requirement as well as future scalability to protect your today’s investment in future.
  • To help you build a robust strategy to align with your IT business goals.
  • Manage a network with fewer resources while offering more security and a comprehensive security barrier which can be implemented easily and can be managed via fully integrated routing, security and switching service in a single device.
  • Addresses risk, utilization and availability issues by identifying gaps and developing a transformational road map


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