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Microlink’s innovative & vendor independent approach to Video Surveillance Security Solutions has ensured that we always surpass customer expectations and remain at the forefront of technology. We customize solution which will best fit to your needs! itfinal

Microlink provides IP CCTV solutions on an extensive range of cameras & CCTV surveillance systems designed to increase the level of security in a business. By understanding our clients overall security requirements we can choose the most appropriate camera system for the duty at hand and the finances available.

Hotels Co-operate office School Resorts Airports Industrial Domestic Retail Banks Residential Society

State-of-the-art IP video surveillance solution, that’s independent and intelligent. Industrial video surveillance systems can drastically reduce the amount of theft within your facility. When a camera is prominently displayed, everyone will be aware of where the camera is and that it is constantly recording. You will be able to determine theft or any other such occurrences happened, it will allow you to identify Intruders or thieves. CCTV surveillance systems play an important role in fighting and preventing local and international crime.

Most CCTV systems have now gone digital for improved performance, surveillance camera manoeuvrability, and quicker feedback as compared to analog systems. Traditional analog CCTV has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years but is now threatened with revolution: namely, IP (Internet Protocol) networking. Predominantly, the CCTV industry is populated with engineers, and sales representatives who, whilst skilled in the traditional, analog based CCTV technology, are less comfortable in the world of IT. Advances in technology however demand that such an industry needs to move with the times.

Analog CCTV consisted of bulky expensive coaxial cabling, a multiplexer to present the images and a VCR. Advances in technology and storage then developed the DVR technology, which still required the expense of coaxial cabling but managed the video better and stored the images on hard disk drives. Some systems then connected to the LAN offering an amount of remote connectivity. Now with the video sitting totally on the Network, further advantages can be realized.

IP CCTV camera surveillance is a significant component of management and security control. New developments in security cameras and Network Video Recording have made IP CCTV camera and video surveillance one of the most valuable security and loss prevention solutions available.




IP CCTV brings affordability and integration of video analytics so that it can be used true sense. IP Surveillance is a system that allows you to transmit CCTV images over your existing computer or integrated network using IP addressable cameras / servers, thus saving on expensive cabling. Each camera has its own address and via central management software, can be accessed by several users in any location on any network or across the Internet, using PC’s, laptops etc.

  • IP Dome Camera with Fixed Lenses and Lenses Day/Night
  • IP Dome Camera with Varifocal Lenses and Lenses Day/Night
  • IP PTZ Dome Camera and Day/Night
  • IP Box Camera and Day/Night
  • IP Bullet Camera
  • Speed dome camera
  • Vandal proof camera
  • Video Management Software
  • Server and Storage for Video Surveillance Systems
  • Encoder and Decoder.

Many cost and technology advantages exist in an IP surveillance system over DVR systems with analog cameras, these can be summarized as:

Lower installation costs, as IP eliminates the need for dedicated video cabling.
Cameras are easy to connect and offer remote accessibility that is different from traditional CCTV.

Integrates with existing CCTV systems and equipment.

Smarter software functions include time scheduling, targeting higher frame rates, motion detection triggering and more.

Highly scalable solutions – Just plug camera on network and scale up
Remote accessibility and remote storage means IP network video is inherently more reliable and secure.

Beyond security, applications such as process control, integration with databases, employee training etc. can cut costs and enhance revenue.

In the area of Video Surveillance Microlink deliver world-class video network solutions mainly to public and corporate company. Our offering includes end to end solutions for processing, transmission and management of video. By creating better and more valuable product solutions and services for our customers in TV quality real time video, audio and data transmission, networking, recording, monitoring and management.

Microlink Solutions’ history as a System Integrator has given us extensive experience in the architecture, design, integration, support and management of secure and resilient enterprise networks to connect users and support today’s – and tomorrow’s – ubiquitous communication needs. 1Z0-051