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We are committed to provide total connectivity solutions through a complete line of Data & Voice Cabling solutions. Our pathway development team installs both interior and exterior conduits and raceways utilizing the latest in Trenchless Technology for building to building and campus environments. We propose a structured cabling solution that gives your business a unified infrastructure to support all your voice and data communications needs today as well as your changing needs of tomorrow.


Copper cabling :

Copper cabling is always evolving to keep up with new processor speeds, software applications and protocols. We propose Cat6 as well as Cat5e cabling solutions for gigabit Ethernet. However recently around 80% of new installs are in Cat6 as this allows for the maximum life span and return on investment. Other benefit of Cat 6 is less repeat transmissions and network down time. For Datacentre applications requiring 10g over copper we also propose Cat 6a & Cat 7 cabling solutions and modular cabling subsystem.

To satisfy diverse customer requirements, we deliver complete copper cabling solution, along with coordinated terminations at both network rack & workstation side . Finally all the links to be tested and commissioned for best and accurate connectivity.

For datacenters needing more space for servers, storage and switches we can provide modular construction with High Density panels offer everything in 1U and a maximum of connections in a minimum of space. Quick-assembly technology including pre-shaped cable tie guidance systems, reduces the installation time and facilitates the maintenance work.


  • Horizontal cabling for End user connectivity within an office or building.
  • Horizontal cabling for IP CCTV connectivity within an office or building.
  • Cabling infrastructure for IP telephone, both Data and Voice application over same cable.
  • Pre-molded & modular connects for data centre inter rack connectivity application.


Fibre Optic Cabling:

The second type of network data cabling and wiring system is fiber optic cabling. This data wiring solution features a thin glass core that transmits laser light pulses. Fiber optic data cabling allows communication signals to be transmitted much faster, at a higher bandwidth and over much greater distances than copper data cabling systems. Because light is transmitted at a much higher frequency, fiber optic data cabling offers greater signal capacity. Fiber optic cabling is smaller than copper cabling and is also impervious to interference, with a much lower transmission loss.

We deliver customizable solutions geared to perform even in harsh and demanding operating environments. We propose single-mode (SM) fibers in applications whereby low signal loss and high data rates are required, as in the case of long spans where repeater/amplifier spacing needs to be maximized. On the other hand, we propose multimode (MM) fiber for shorter distance applications. As MM fiber is more economical because it can be used with inexpensive connectors and LED transmitters, it is the ideal choice for short distance, lower bandwidth applications.

To satisfy diverse customer requirements, we deliver complete fiber optic networks, and provide fiber optic cables in numerous applications, configurations and lengths, which to be complemented by coordinated terminations and distribution elements (ODFs). Finally all the links to be tested and commissioned for best and accurate connectivity.

Traditional cable routing on open cable trays and ladders may cause damage to the delicate fiber cables. These methods of routing cables provide no protection for the exposed fiber. For these kind of situations related to Datacenter we offer Fiber Optic Management System.

For addressing today’s Datacenter’s space constraints, while at the same time providing high fiber connection density we can provide modular construction that combines the highest port density with ease of installation.


  • LAN backbone connectivity with 1G and 10G support.
  • 10G connectivity over fibre for Datacentre applications.
  • Backbone connectivity for outdoor IP CCTV applications.
  • Fiber To The Home (FTTx).

Microlink has been steadily accomplishing global potential with ongoing international larger scale projects for both public and private sectors. Since technology is also shitting from traditional to IP-Network based solution Microlink can offer value added solution as diversified offering and capitalize expertise on core domain. Out Solutions are customized and articulated to cater specific scenario, we provide simple, cost-effective, and easy-to-use and maintain solution. We have done many such deployments and vast experience helped us build skill set for design & deploy the solution.

Microlink through its strategic business collaboration with reputed manufacturers brings the best product to meet your customized business needs. In addition, with 24/7 technical support, Microlink is equipped to handle all of your company’s time and attendance and access control needs.

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