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Today’s businesses demand a more powerful, reliable, secure and scalable networks that can lead to increased profitability and accelerated business success.

Network Infrastructure though being invisible, plays a very critical role as being a platform over which organization’s core business processes are running in various forms such as, SAP, ERP, CRM, E-Mail, Database, etc. This demands to have a smart network infrastructure which can bring following enhancements to organization.

  • Better productivity and availability of business processes.
  • Better productivity by automating manual processes and by preventing problems before they occur.
  • To ensure that vital IT assets are up and running when required meeting business service needs.
  • Reduction in complexity.
  • Proper optimization of the network devices to avail optimum performances from deployed resources.
  • Cost reduction by right sizing and right timing for infrastructure resource deployments.
  • To avail an enterprise-wide view of all components of IT infrastructure for easy management, monitoring and maintenance.



A LAN network forms a foundation (Core) for IT infrastructure of any organization and it demands considerable expertise for its appropriate design and implementation to fulfill current IT needs.

With reference to different business needs, we propose below LAN network solutions to our clients.

Our overall LAN solution comprises:

  • Tier 2 Network Infrastructure for better Network performance.
  • 1G and 10G backbone connectivity as per the business need.
  • High availability for critical network components to provide business continuity.
  • 10G & Gigabit ethernet to suffice bandwidth needs of today’s business applications.
  • Network Infrastructure consultation by performing network audits of existing network, tracing loop holes and thereby deriving a solution to optimize the network.
A. Campus LAN:

Campus networks must evolve to support user requirements for interactive and video-rich, on-demand applications and services. Legacy three-tier campus architectures are rigid, add latency, and limit flexibility and scaling to support today’s applications. We propose flattened network architecture by eliminating or reducing the distribution tier that will help the network scale to support higher speeds and greater control over traffic priorities.

The network also must adapt to support the new demands of virtualized and cloud services. We give enterprises the agility they need by segmenting their networks to align their network solutions with their business needs. With an open, standards-based solution, enterprises can choose the best-in-class solution for their business needs. Our designed campus network architecture allows the network to scale in both functionality and size, so that enterprises can count on feature-rich functionality, whether their networks are large or small.

B. Branch Office LAN:

The branch office plays an important role in an organization’s ability to attract, service, and retain customers and increase revenue. Branch office employees, the “face of the corporation,” can significantly impact customer satisfaction and loyalty; particularly if supported by safe, dependable, and fast access to the corporate knowledge base (people, resources, and information); and to the productivity-enhancing tools in which the organization has invested. Many branch offices were built in isolation and may lack the interoperability needed to cost-effectively support business activities and growth. They are further shackled by a complex mixture of legacy network infrastructures that are expensive to expand and maintain. At a time when competitive requirements include the implementation of new services such as mobility and unified communications —as well as rapid access with enhanced security to applications and services —businesses struggle to efficiently scale, manage, and secure their networks.


We propose open standards based branch LAN solution that simplifies any branch office deployments. Open platforms enable the use of advanced, industry-leading technologies that remove costly vendor lock-in, enable simplified and flexible deployment, and provide investment protection. This enables enterprises to select products and solutions that are right for their business and budget.

C. Datacentre Network:

Datacentre Network forms a core network infrastructure for any large enterprise. Employees, partners, and customers rely on data and resources in the Data Center to effectively create, collaborate, and interact. Over the last decade, the rise of Internet and Web-based technologies has made the data center more strategic than ever, improving productivity, enhancing business processes, and accelerating change. Data centers are the strategic focus of IT efforts to protect, optimize and grow the business. Data center managers face several challenges in fulfilling these goals.

The evolving consolidation and virtualization of data center resources requires a highly scalable, resilient, and secure data center network foundation.

The network is the fabric that provides secure user access to data center services and an infrastructure for the deployment, interconnection and aggregation of shared data center components as required, including applications, servers, appliances, and storage.


A properly planned data center network protects application and data integrity, optimizes application availability and performance, and enables responsiveness to ever-changing market conditions, business priorities, and technology advances.

We propose Datacentre Network solution that provides a cohesive foundation for IT executives to better align data center resources with business priorities. The architecture allows IT organizations to achieve lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), enhanced resilience and greater agility by evolving data center infrastructures through consolidation, virtualization, and automation.

Our Datacentre network Solution includes:

  • Gigabit/10Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Infiniband and Fibre Channel switching on Intelligent Server Farm, Server Fabric.
  • Storage Networking platforms and DWDM, SONET and SDH Optical Transport platforms.
D. Passive Network Infrastructure:

The use of new technologies and applications such as multimedia information systems, VoIP or virtual server and storage systems raises the demands on the physical network infrastructures. Guaranteed bandwidth must be provided as otherwise the applications will not run smoothly.

The consequences of inadequately designed physical network structures are grave as interference with the business activities will be inescapable. Subsequently required changes or the replacement of components will always need high further investment and the business operation will also be disrupted. We create the infrastructural prerequisites for the efficient and trouble-free use of new technologies and applications together with the solutions and products of leading manufacturers and in cooperation with qualified partners.

We are certified system integrators possessing the relevant competence and experience in the conception of enterprise networks. Our qualified employees with field experience support you pragmatically in the implementation of complex projects.

passive network

Microlink follows Industry standard practice to design and deployment of enterprise network. We have evolved required skill set and expertise over period by virtue of experience. Our skilled resources do required site survey and articulate solution which is caters customer specific need.

  • On site visits in order to plan and accomplish site surveys and to get familiarized with the location.
  • Identification of all network requirements.
  • Planning of all networks components, data, voice and video outlets.
  • Coordination of our installation staff in accordance with the customer.
  • Installation, termination and testing of the cables.
  • Auditing of all the procedures in order to ensure the smooth operation of your IT infrastructure.
  • Documentation, including photographs, patching schedules, floor layout plans and test results.
  • On-site hardware maintenance (24/7 hardware remedial on-site).

Upon completion of the project, we hand over the prospect customer documentation on the following:

  • Network logical diagram according to the design.
  • Layout of all rack contents with all outlets labels.
  • As-built drawing showing all outlets locations and numbers.
  • Printout of the test results for copper and fiber optic cables downloaded from measuring device.
  • As-built drawing of outlets distribution sheets inside the building for the purpose of maintenance and support.
E GPON Solution:

Typically, businesses are served over a protected network. However Microlink’s GPON network solution is an attractive way to deliver residential services and small businesses which makes it less expensive. GPON network can provide the reliability and performance expected for business services if it is carefully designed from the outset.

A GPON network can easily provide an unprotected but economical fiber drop to homes for residential services such as high-speed Internet access or IPTV services – Triple Play Services. A GPON consists of an optical line terminal (OLT) at a central point which interfaces to the central servers/control equipment and a number of Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) at the end point to deliver services to the end users. End points may be guest rooms, individual apartments or properties, presentation suites, conferencing suites, network switch rooms etc.


Microlink’s GPON solution drastically reduces the amount of fibre and removes the need to install multiple copper cables to each user outlet by multiplexing all the technical services required by end users over a single fibre cable network. Downstream and upstream signals are broadcast to Optical Network Terminals sharing a single fibre. Encryption can be used to provide security and prevent eavesdropping.

Microlink has been steadily accomplishing global potential with ongoing international larger scale projects for both public and private sectors. Since technology is also shitting from traditional to IP-Network based solution Microlink can offer value added solution as diversified offering and capitalize expertise on core domain. Out Solutions are customized and articulated to cater specific scenario, we provide simple, cost-effective, and easy-to-use and maintain solution. We have done many such deployments and vast experience helped us build skill set for design & deploy the solution.

Microlink through its strategic business collaboration with reputed manufacturers brings the best product to meet your customized business needs. In addition, with 24/7 technical support, Microlink is equipped to handle all of your company’s time and attendance and access control needs.

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