Today’s businesses demand a more powerful, reliable, secure and scalable networks that can lead to increased profitability and accelerated business success. Network Infrastructure though being invisible, plays a very critical role as being a platform over which organization’s core business processes are running in various forms such as, SAP, ERP, CRM, E-Mail, Database, etc.

Microlink Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides you with the best-in-class converged network solutions to meet your business needs. Microlink offers mentioned Enterprise Network Solutions:


Microlink has a vast experience of successfully network more than 100,000 nodes in LANs using Layer 3 and Layer 2 /4 Switching technologies on Copper and Fiber media. Our expertise of undertaking large Campus / Building LANs by integrating Computing and Network Infrastructure has enabled us to Plan, Deploy and Service large Campus LANs with Zero Defect Network Infrastructure.

In addition to building Secure, High Performance & High Available Networks Microlink is dedicated to adapting your LAN and WAN to enhance. As a leading systems integrator, we design and build multi service WANs that consolidate voice and data networks into a unified, cost-effective networking infrastructure, supporting voice, video and data traffic.

The inherent characteristics of a multi service infrastructure are high performance, resilience and flexibility. As well as minimizing WAN communications and operational costs, a single full-service network allows you to take advantage of IP-enabled business applications for enhanced employee productivity, personalized customer experience and flexible customer interaction.

Microlink offers wide range of network monitoring and managements system which can be customized as per requirement. We ensure it transforms your networks, applications, and platforms into a single, integrated environment that future-proofs your business. It reduces network complexities and will give you improved performance, reliability and efficiency.