Microlink is fully committed to being the best business partner for its customers by increasing customer value, helping create a more convenient and prosperous society, and creating peace of mind through the establishment of reliable IT infrastructure.

Microlink operates in an environment in which rapid technological innovation and other factors bring about change on a daily basis. Every day we work to meet the challenge of improving on leading-edge technologies in addition to the network system technologies we have cultivated since the Company's establishment. Our solution offerings span the entire End to End services include Consulting, Planning, Designing, Deployment, Sustaining, Management and Assessment. By staying at the forefront of the broadband/ubiquitous age and further developing our IT infrastructure solutions, we are able to deliver convenience and comfort to our customers. Everything we do is aimed at winning the trust of our customers and realizing a society with secure communications.

MICROLINK's business is focused solely on the front end of the Technology: Networking, System Infra, Datacenter and Security solutions. Over the last Seventeen years MICROLINK has developed expertise and people to a level that has resulted in unmatched capabilities in handling the most demanding of IT Infrastructure requirement namely products and services.

At MICROLINK, we understand what it takes to design, build and manage a successful IT Infrastructure. The company provides customized and end to end diversified IT Infrastructure solutions. You can pick and choose from the broadest portfolio of IT infrastructure solutions in the industry, from a collaborative partner who offers a single point of responsibility and accountability

Microlink provides the DNA your business needs to deploy flexible and dynamic infrastructure, our consulting expertise and proven best practices touches business and IT, integrating and managing them for a more intelligent, streamlined solution.